Herein yoga commences.
- Patanjali

The Shala (school) is the vision of founder and CEO Kavita Khosa. It has been established as a platform to promote, propagate and cultivate the ancient arts, sciences and philosophies of the East.


An airy and sunlit studio located in Lan Kwai Fong in the very heart of Central, Sachananda Yoga Shala has been designed to create an environment which evokes a sense of peace and serenity. The Shala vibrates with a quiet, subtle energy, drawing the student into a state of relaxed alertness which is essential for the practice of Yoga. The Shala has a modest library, changing room, locker facilities and has been custom built with quality props and equipment such as mats, wall ropes, blocks, belts and backbend extensions for the practice of Iyengar Yoga.


Sachstore, offering carefully hand picked, simply wonderful
yoga and ayurveda products at the shala.
Etiquette & Pre- Class Advice      
Please sign in before class; first timers must complete the medical history/registration form
Be punctual and switch off mobile phones
Inform the teacher if you are menstruating, pregnant, lactating or have an injury or illness as this may affect your practice of yoga

Observe silence to still the mind and prevent dissipation of prana (chi) energy

Yoga and pranayam is practised on an empty stomach
Please tuck in tees & wear flexible, fitted clothing
Do not use strong perfume, remove jewellery & leather items before class
To maintain sequencing & the flow of poses, do not perform any variations by yourself
The shala is disinfected everyday, however, in the interests of hygiene and as a courtesy to the next student, please wipe down your mat after class with the disinfectant wipes provided.
Namaste and Thank You!

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You can find pre-class advice here.
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